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Importance of technique in armwrestling

When an athlete loses in training, you can often hear the remark: "You're pulling wrong!". How important is technique in armwrestling?

It is known that if a person presses a weight of 100 kg, the addition of technique allows you to increase the result by 10-20 kg. Of course, armwrestling is a more complex movement and comparing it directly with the bench press is not entirely correct, but even in armwrestling, technique is not capable of doubling strength.

Good technique allows you to defeat an opponent who is more or less equal in strength, but in order to fight a higher-class athlete, an increase in strength is needed. In addition, the cause of defeat is often a lack of strength in specific movements: wrist, pronation.

So technique is a way of applying strength. Do not underestimate or overestimate its importance.