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Force and power

One athlete in a movement lifts 30 kg in a single repetition. Another raises the same, but the first develops it by 0.1 second, and the second only by 0.5.

It turns out that the athletes are equal in maximum strength, but the first one will win at the table. In this example, we are talking about a quantity known from school physics - power. Power is the work that done by force per unit of time.

Power is important not only at the start. In long fights, it is impossible to pull with maximum strength all the time, so rivals periodically increase the pressure, which means the speed of change in strength gives an advantage.

When talking about the start, one often confuses the athlete's reaction to the command and the power of movement.

It should be noted that there is a connection between strength and power - with an increase in maximum strength, power also increases. However, in pursuit of big weights, we often forget about the development of other properties. To increase power use work at speed with a small load.